Diploma, Foundation and Intensive programs

Diploma, Foundation and Intensive programs

Diploma, Foundation and Intensive programs

我们的文凭, Standard Foundation and Intensive programs will help prepare you for success as you progress towards your bachelor degree at Macquarie University, whether you are an Australian or international student.

Macquarie University Diploma, Foundation and Intensive programs build your skills and knowledge so you are ready to enter first or second year of an undergraduate degree. You can study English, complete your Diploma, Standard Foundation or Intensive program, and then continue straight into a bachelor degree - all on the same familiar campus. We know you are an individual with your own way of learning, so we teach in small classes with extra support. We aim to get to know you, and then help you find your personal road to success in the fastest way possible.

Diverse nationality mix
54 different nationalities in 2017
40% Australian students
Strong student outcomes
2017 student average pass rates as high as faculty first year results
Unique accelerated learning model
Only 2 units 每学期
Deep focus on two subjects at a time
Top 1% of universities in the world
QS World University Rankings 2018
Classes taught by faculty lecturers and qualified teachers

Why choose a Macquarie Diploma, Standard Foundation or Intensive program?

A Macquarie University student from day one

As soon as you enrol in a Macquarie University Standard Foundation, Intensive or Diploma program, you are a full Macquarie University student. For all our university students, the experience is about more than just studying. It’s about being part of our vibrant university community and connecting with like-minded people. When you step onto the Macquarie campus, you become one of us.

Full Macquarie University access from your first day:

Guaranteed fast entry into your undergraduate degree

When you successfully complete a Macquarie University Standard Foundation, Intensive or Diploma program, we guarantee you a place in the Macquarie undergraduate degree of your choice.

文凭: In the Diploma programs you will study the same units that the first year undergraduate students are studying, but in smaller classes with hands-on support. This is to support your success as a university student. When you pass 8 units you can go straight into the second year of your undergraduate program, and if you work hard, it’s possible to do this in eight or nine months.

Standard Foundation and Intensive: These programs will quickly increase your subject knowledge, 英语技能, academic literacy and maths skills to the level you need for success in your undergraduate degree. Achieve the required pass rates and you will enter the first year of your chosen undergraduate program.

Innovative intensive 教学 to challenge you

In most other programs, students must study four subjects at the same time for twelve or thirteen weeks. We know this can be challenging and research shows that students can do better when they focus on fewer subjects at the same time.

To maintain your focus, you will study two units over seven weeks, and our 教学 approach and curricula are specifically designed to keep you engaged. As you study two units simultaneously, you can focus better on the information you are trying to learn. We are the only university in Australia using this intensive term structure.

Taught by subject experts and Macquarie lecturers

You will have some of Australia’s best lecturers and academics 教学 you as soon as you join Macquarie. We aim to increase your skills so you academically succeed as quickly as you can, and to do that we make sure you have teachers of a high calibre.

Support every step of the way

When you choose to enrol in our Standard Foundation, Intensive or Diploma programs, you are choosing extra support as you transition to university-style independent learning. Some of the benefits you can access are:

  • smaller classes, more time with the teacher
  • extra maths and English Advantage Module support classes
  • 学生顾问
  • learning skills workshops
  • access to the Numeracy Centre
  • personalised study plans
  • career and employment advice
  • access to social and sporting activities
  • exam revision support.

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English language experts ready to meet your needs

The English language programs at Macquarie University are well-renowned. Our award-winning teachers and professional staff are committed to your success, and are passionate about improving your English for your future goals.

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