Celebrating alumni achievements and excellence

We honour our alumni for their outstanding service and contribution in their chosen fields.

Our awards ceremonies are an opportunity to share their inspirational stories and exceptional experiences with our University communities.




The categories ensure alumni from all areas of local and global communities have the opportunity to be recognised for their achievements.


This award celebrates the visionary and the daring.

It recognises forward-thinking alumni who are leaders in their industry, 职业, field of 研究 or area of expertise.

This award acknowledges sustainability and technology, elements of design and architecture, and creative new ideas for an industry.

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This award recognises and honours the outstanding contributions that alumni have made to international society through community service or 职业al achievements.

This could be either a one-off significant global impact or an ongoing contribution, and can include both 职业al and community achievements.

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This award recognises the outstanding achievements of alumni in their 职业al fields.

This could include alumni who achieve excellence in industry, 政府, 研究, 艺术, 体育运动, 或者其他领域.

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This award recognises outstanding achievements made by alumni aged 35 and younger (at the close of nominations).

有着如此广阔的视野, the award celebrates what our younger alumni have achieved in their careers so far.


This award recognises the personal contributions of alumni who, 通过服务或慈善, 改善有需要的人的生活.

It also seeks to recognise the significant involvement of our alumni in projects that enrich local or international communities through activities such as volunteering, philanthropy and service to the community.

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  1. 完成 校友奖提名表格*.
  2. Provide a written statement (maximum 500 words) detailing:
    • why the nominee deserves to be recognised
    • 他们是如何遇见 选择标准 该奖项.
  3. Nominations may also include supporting evidence (maximum of three attachments) such as:
    • 被提名人的简历
    • 他们获得的奖项
    • 媒体剪报
    • 电子媒体镜头.

* a separate nomination form and statement are required for each category that you apply for.


Macquarie 校友 Award nominees must demonstrate at least one of the following:

  • made an outstanding contribution to their chosen field
  • provided outstanding service to the community
  • given outstanding service to 澳彩网 and be worthy of special recognition.

最后更新: 2021年6月30日